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February 2014

Articles are my personal views on current state issues. Topics can include legislation, campaigns, candidates, or any other related subject.  Articles are original; not the repeated links of others and the forum is interactive.  I consider myself non-partisan.  I am not aligned with any particular political party and it is my hope to promote dialog on the issues via this blog.

Until my retirement in 2011, I worked for the State of Alaska for the previous 20+ years in 3 Departments;  first, the Department of Community and Regional Affairs, second, Department of Labor, and lastly the Department of Commerce.  I spent many years in the field traveling all over Alaska.  I then worked as a program manager for workforce development programs and eventually graduated to Department of Labor Deputy Commissioner.  Lastly, I served as Director, Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA, rural affairs, my first love.)  Over the years my passion for public service was, and still is,  steadfast.  I want to see a fair distribution of resources, I want to help people train for jobs, and I want to preserve a rural lifestyle option for all who choose it.

Alaska villages share so many of the challenges I grew up with on western state Indian reservations.  I wanted to make a difference if I could.  I think I did once in a while.

One of my proudest achievements was developing the Peer Outreach Project in 1997 in response to the fisheries disaster.  This work was acknowledged via Citation from the Legislature.  The Peer project put 28 people into good full time jobs in villages across south western Alaska.  I had 100% local hire.  The state bureaucracy killed it in 2000– saying too expensive.  It was not.  I cried when that happened.

Reinstatement of the Community Revenue Shares is another achievement I was key in passing and I’m so proud of.  The version I helped with included a funding formula within the statute.  This is important because previously the law allowed the legislature to leave it unfunded.  That happened three years in a row under Governor Murkowski.  Governor Palin supported local government; therefore, she supported and signed the new and improved Community Revenue Sharing legislation.  I was so happy!

I will share my perspective on state affairs and the state’s way of doing things with the readers of this blog.  I won’t be whitewashing any of the things I learned over my many years of working for the state.  If you have a comment or opinion, please share it on LeadDog.  I value and appreciate different opinions.  I also welcome guess writers.

That’s enough about me. Let’s get busy!

LeadDog Alaska

aka Tara Jollie

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