Alaska Primary, with 98.42% of the vote in, a quick look.

August 20, 2016

Update:  District #40; Last information (Dispatch) reports we won’t know the outcome until September.  “A hand-count verification of a sampling of ballots is set to begin Aug. 29 in Juneau and the election should be certified by the bipartisan State Review Board on Sept. 2, Mallott said.”

Update:  District #40;  Last report, Westlake leads Nageak by five votes.  Squeaky!  I expect a recount will be done.

House District

#40; this is a real nail-biter, too close to call, with 3 precincts still out and Nageak leading by only 9 votes.

#38; it looks like Fransler is in, Herron is out with 98% of the votes counted.

#37; Rep Bryce Edgmon (D) has a serious challenger in William Weatherby (R) with Weatherby getting 582 votes to Edgmon’s 624.

#34; Cathy Munoz (R) will have to work for it this fall with Justin Parish (D) nipping at her heels with Munoz getting 832 votes to Parishes 722.

#31; Rep Seaton (R) is easily the winner.   Good man, Rep Seaton.

#29; Rep Chenault didn’t even have a challenger.  This district is on auto-pilot.

#27; happy surprise here!  Harry Crawford (D) just might take it from incumbent Lance Pruitt (R).  This is a race to watchJ

#25; another one to watch!  Rep Charisse Millett (R) has a serious challenge from Pat Higgins (D).

#23; Rep Tuck will have to work hard to fend off challenger Tim Huit(R) if he want to stay in the House.

#21; Incumbent Matt Claman (D) has a hard challenge from Marily Stewart (R).  Another one to watch.

#15; Incumbent Gabrielle Ledoux could easily lose her seat to challenger Pat McCormack with a good voter turnout.

#10; Looks like a new voice will be in the House from this district.  David Eastman is well in the lead.  YeahJ

#9; Newbie wins from this district as Rauscher (R) wins over Rep Colver (R).

#7; Surprise!  Newbie Colleen Sullivan-Leonard has a clear win!  Go Colleen!

#5; Adam Wool (D) could easily take it from Aaron Lojewski (R) in the general with Wool getting 469 votes to Lojewski’s 521 votes.

Senate District

H shows a small lead for incumbent Sen Bill Wielechowski (D) over challenger Kevin Kastner (D).  Wielechowski will have to work for the win.

D, breaking news!  Challenger David Wilson (R) takes it from incumbent Lynn Gattis!

US Rep Don Young has a strong challenge from Steve Lindbeck.  It is time for a change, go Steve.

So, it is on to the general.


cc Alaska Primary, a quick look.

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