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LeadDog Alaska is published by Tara Jollie, retired from Alaska Departments of Labor (Deputy Commissioner) and Commerce (Director Division of Community and Regional Affairs, DCRA) and long time state employee for other workforce development programs. Currently Jollie is a commentator on news of the day regarding public policy impacting Alaskans.

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  1. Barry Santana says:

    This comment is regarding the Tammie Wilson grant to ARA. I agree that this mess is a result of business as usual in politics and pork. However, I was astounded at the accounting ledger (page 4) provided in Dermot Cole’s e-edition article, ADN 10/3/2015. This itemizes $605,000+ for the project on revenue of $856,000 in 2012! I have never heard of 71% of a project going to project management and this does not include $32,000 more for administration. Somebody in Juneau clearly needs to read these financial audits of a program! If you have Gov. Walker’s ear, please make him aware.

    Barry Santana

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