Elizabeth Peratrovich for the new $10

Dear Friends,

As many of you know Governor Walker nominated a great Alaskan woman, Elizabeth Peratrovich, to be the face of the new US $10 bill.  Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew is slated to make his choice “soon.”  Please help get the word out to all your email and membership contact lists and share on any social media you use.  Ask others to also show their support for this great lady.Waiting is over

Elizabeth Peratrovich, an Alaska Native, was a great civil rights leader and a visionary. You don’t have to be an Alaskan to support Elizabeth Peratrovich, a great contemporary woman, for the face of the $10 bill.

You can show your support for Elizabeth Peratrovich on social media with #TheNew10.

Some sample language is provided below~

  • I support Elizabeth Peratrovich for #TheNew10!
  • Elizabeth Peratrovich is my choice for the #TheNew10!
  • A great American deserves to be the face of the new ten dollar bill. I support Elizabeth Peratrovich for #TheNew10!
  • What’s more American than a champion of civil rights? I support Elizabeth Peratrovich for #TheNew10!
  •  I want to see an Alaskan on the new ten dollar bill. I support Elizabeth Peratrovich for #TheNew10!
  • Alaskans support Elizabeth Peratrovich for #TheNew10!

In Alaska, we have never before celebrated our diversity as we do now under the Walker/Mallott administration.  It is a joy to behold.  I support Governor Walker’s nomination, and I thank you for helping spread the word for this deserving Alaskan woman!

From Governor Bill Walker: ”

“Earlier this summer, Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott sent a letter to the the U.S. Department of Treasury Secretary recommending that Elizabeth Peratrovich be featured on the redesigned 10-dollar bill. Elizabeth was a driving force for civil rights in Alaska, and played an instrumental role in making Alaska the nation’s first organized government to end legal discrimination – nearly twenty years before passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Show your support for Elizabeth by using ‪#‎TheNew10‬ on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.”

Alaskans, please support one of our own, and share this message.


LeadDog Alaska

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