“Friends of Sarah”

Recently, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Reince Priebus published a Women’s History list to include notable trailblazers.  Alaska’s former Governor Sarah Palin, a Republican, was not on the list.  See a link to the GOP reference at the bottom of this article.

RNC, Mr. Priebus, you got it wrong.  Whatever your reason for not including Governor Sarah Palin isn’t important to me.  Accurate history is important, so I am compelled to tell this story.

I was there throughout this exciting time in Alaska’s history.  I was up close and personal.  It was a time that changed Alaska politics forever.

In 2006, and against all odds, Sarah Palin was speaking out.  She was leading the charge that inspired us all.  Her message of hope and change touched people; it was contagious.

We called ourselves “Friends of Sarah,” and we numbered in the hundreds across the entire state.  We knew it would be hard to beat an incumbent so we just worked that much harder.  It was truly a grassroots-on-steroids campaign and no one worked harder than Sarah.  “Friends” had lightning in a bottle but didn’t know it – however, it became wildly apparent soon enough!

Dark Horse Coffee

This snapshot shows us at a fundraiser at Dark Horse Coffee in July 2006, before the August primary.  The Governor’s office sits caddy-cornered and 17 floors up in a state’s office building.  We were right under his nose.  He could see us.   We also parked a long-flatbed truck with a huge red Palin sign on the street.  He stayed inside that day.  Those were good times.

Note to reader:   I know the Governor was in his office that day.  I asked more than one of the many state workers who stopped by to wish us well.  We had a lot of fun knowing this.

This snapshot shows our hardworking sign guys.  This location was the origin of the sea of red Palin signs that covered the state.  This is after the primary.  That’s why you also see Parnell signs.  He was running for Lt. Governor.

Sign Guys

Our hardworking sign guys could barely keep up!  They literally worked into the night.

After the primary it became crazy; the lightning was out of the bottle!  We volunteers were overwhelmed.

I’ll share more firsthand accounts of my experience during this time as I remember them.  If you have an interest, check this blog once in a while.

Any other Friends of Sarah that wants to share their memories or snapshots on my blog are welcome to contact me.  You can use your real name or a pseudonym with your story.  I only ask that I have your written permission (via email) to post, that it is your personal experience, and that it is no longer than one or two pages (about 800 to 900 hundred words).  I have an outline I will send you if you want it.

I apologize for the poor quality of my old snapshots.  They were only intended for my personal photo album.  Back then, who could have known what was coming?   The Palin Train – what a wild ride!

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March 4, 2014

RNC Statement on Women’s History Month -GOP

“This month, we all honor all women, including the many Republican women trailblazers http://t.co/mXq7r58leB #WHM

— Reince Priebus (@Reince) March 1, 2014

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