Helloooo Out There! LeadDog is back.

February 15, 2017

Dear Friends,

Has anyone out there missed LeadDog?  Well, I’m back.  I’ve expanded myself to include Alaska and the Great Northwest.  It has taken all my time and energy.

LeadDog Alaska remains focused on Alaska’s public affairs and goings on.  I offer my opinions as independently and objectively as possible.  My opinions are based upon my many years of experience with the State of Alaska as both a classified (union) employee and in the Executive Branch (as an appointed employee).  I take zero money from anyone for my articles, support, or opinions.

LeadDogXpress has a page on this blog.  It is the business end of my life, or contract services, available for the private sector.

There is lots going on in Juneau, lots to pay attention to, so please stay tuned.  We can’t let all the crazy of federal antics draw away from the drastic issues facing Alaskans.  So, I need to get busy.



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