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Dear Friends,

As some of you may know, my background is in public service with a career that spanned more than twenty years with the State of Alaska.  My state career progressed from my starting position as a Grants/Contract Administrator and Compliance Officer, to Program Manager, to the Executive Branch.  In the executive branch I served as a Division Director and Deputy Commissioner.  I worked in the State Departments of Community and Regional Affairs, Labor and Workforce Development, and Commerce.  Over the years, I have traveled to all parts of Alaska and have a track record of success in the areas of:

  • facilitation of difficult change,
  • organizational trouble shooting,
  • development of corrective action plans,
  • moving forward through the difficult first steps of strategic planning,
  • organizational policy development, team building, and staff training
  • executive level budget/resource allocation,
  • organizational succession planning.

I am especially skilled as the impartial third party sometimes needed to facilitate meetings dealing with difficult issues brought about by needed, often unwelcome, change.

LeadDog Alaska’s customized services are offered at competitive rates either independently, or in association with Crossroads Leadership Institute. There is no charge for the initial consultation.  LeadDog services include, but are not limited to:

  • ghost writing/ technical reports and proposals,
  • navigation of state bureaucracy,
  • advocacy with state agencies,
  • positive relationship building with state government, including legislative issues,
  • grant writing support and instruction.

In my state capacity, I loved the field work.  It brought me to all parts of Alaska.  In my first position as a grants/contract compliance and procurement officer,  I wrote regulations and manuals until I was blue in the face, but I learned a lot!  I then progressed to a workforce development programs manager which turned out to be my favorite job.

Eventually, I graduated to the Executive Branch as Department of Labor Deputy Commissioner then, thankfully, to rural affairs, where my heart was, as Director, Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA).  Over the years my passion for public service was, and remains, steadfast.   I retired in 2011 and remain deeply grateful for every experience my state career gave me.

I have decided I want to stay involved.  I want to see equitable public policy, the fair distribution of public resources; I want to help people access job training, and I want to help preserve Alaska’s rural lifestyle option.

Alaska’s rural lifestyle option, so rich in cultural diversity, shares the challenges of high unemployment and scarce opportunities that I grew up with on Indian reservations in Montana and North Dakota.  I still want to make a difference if I can.  I think I probably have in my time; for example:

  • As a state program manager, one of my proudest achievements was developing the Peer Outreach Project in 1997 in response to the Western Alaska fisheries disaster.  This work was acknowledged via a Citation from the State Legislature issued May, 2002.  The Peer project put 28 people into good full time jobs in villages across south western Alaska.  We achieved 100% local hire.
  • As Director of DCRA, reinstatement of Community Revenue Sharing is another achievement I was key in helping to pass into law, a work I am so proud of.  The legislation I helped with included a funding formula within state statute.  This funding mechanism is important because, until then, the law allowed the legislature to leave it unfunded – and they did.

Since my retirement, I enjoy blogging and spending time with my dogs Rocky and Buddy.  LeadDog is a nickname given to me years ago during the training of my first dog, Buster (since passed).  Puppy Buster wouldn’t pull the sled unless I was running out in front of him; thus, the nickname LeadDog.  It stuck and has since become my pen name.  On my blog, I write articles based on my personal views of current state issues.  Topics include legislation, campaigns, candidates, or any other related subject.  I consider myself non-partisan.  I am not aligned with any political party or special interest group.  It is my hope to promote fair and equitable public policy through relevant dialog on my blog.  Check it out at http://leaddogalaska.net or follow on Twitter at Tara Jollie @LeadDog_Alaska.

Please call me if I can be of service, and thank you in advance for any referrals you might make.  There is lots of work to do, so let’s get busy!


Tara Jollie dba LeadDog Alaska



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