Manage big game for abundance State of Alaska

Moose calves are orphaned for many reasons.  In urban centers like the Anchorage bowl where calves may be orphaned because of car and train collisions, it is more pitiful to me than incidents in the wild from like natural predators (wolf and bear kills.)

Like any grass roots organization, the Moose Federation needs to get itself reorganized and accountable.  This organizational growth takes time. Finding fault and pointing fingers is easy; however, salvaging moose, expanding habitat, and rescuing calves are noble objectives. Reorganization is obviously needed and I wish AMF well.

Moose at sunset

I am a big supporter of calf rescue and release for the abundance of game – especially in rural Alaska where the cost of imported groceries is ridiculous. I think calf rescue and release should be a state priority. If mistakes were made toward these goals, learn from them, correct them, and do better – but don’t kill the programs! Go Moose Mamas and good luck Moose Federation.

Manage big game for abundance State of Alaska.  Readers, please share with your friends if you agree.

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Struggling Struggling Moose Feration gains new executive director | Alaska Dispatch News

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