Mark Fish, Libertarian, Files for U.S. Senate Race

May 14, 2014

Mark Fish, a longtime Alaskan, spent 20 years in Alaska’s Army National Guard. He is the former Chair of the Alaska Libertarian Party and lives with his wife Mary in Big Lake, Alaska.  I called Mark when I learned of his intention to run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Mark Begich and our conversation went as follows.Mark Fish, Candidate, May 14, 2014

Mark, the field is already pretty crowed. What compels you to throw your hat into the ring?

“In this crowded field of Senate candidates, there seems to be an interest in libertarianism given as a means to attract the libertarian vote.  If Libertarians don’t speak for ourselves we let others define us. I will not let that happen in this Senate race. Registered Libertarians, and all who choose the open ballot in the primary, need a choice – other than Senator Begich. I am that choice.”

Mark, what do you feel are the three most important federal issues facing Alaskans?

“We Alaskans need to assert our right to manage our resources and our own property. Federal regulators do not share our values and should not be in charge of our destinies.

We Americans need to fundamentally reform all our Federal institutions. Abolishing the IRS and moving to a fair system of taxation would be the best place to start.

Most importantly, we need government to ensure individual’s right to Life, Liberty and Property. To often these days we find government suppressing or denying, rather than protecting our rights.”

What would you do as Senator-elect to make a difference on these issues?

“As Senator-elect, I would immediately start networking with other Senators whose States are suffering from the same Federal burdens we are. Together there are enough votes to reform our government if we concentrate on what unites the States rather than bicker about what divides us.”

What would you say is the single most compelling reason a voter should cast their vote for Mark Fish?

“We need to send a strong message to those that are corrupting and those that would corrupt our government for their own selfish desire, contrary to the interest of the people, that Alaska and America is no longer theirs to exploit. I can think of nothing that would make that statement more dramatically than sending a Libertarian Senator from Alaska to Washington.”

Is there anything else regarding the election you would like to add?

“There are some who think I am only a placeholder for Joe Miller and the Alaska Libertarian Party (ALP) is a rent-a-party. The reason I run is to promote Liberty not for myself and not for Joe Miller, but for all Alaskans. The ALP has proven that is does not allow non libertarians to abuse it’s ballot access. Our candidates are Libertarians.

I will be on the open ballot with Senator Begich in the August primary election. Please Vote.”

Thank you Mark. Good luck with your campaign.

Best Regards,

LeadDog Alaska

The views expressed herein are the candidate’s own.

May 2014©Fish for Senate

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