Alaska Dispatch News, Where’s the beef?

A recent article published in the Alaska Dispatch News asked State House candidates their position on a variety of issues.


The too-long survey shows a low response rate so far and the few answers provided are generally vague.  Perhaps candidates posted answers on their individual web pages and it is worth the research if you are interested in a certain issue.  Candidate links are provided in the article which makes doing any individual research pretty easy.

Voters, demand your candidates give you straight answers to your questions. The best government is local government and Election 2016 is critical to the state’s future.

I have only one (1) issue this year and one (1) question: What is your strategy to produce a fair, equitable, comprehensive fiscal plan and balanced budget by the end of this session?

You may want to ask some of the Dispatch Questions you think are relevant.  Those questions include:

Why are you running? 

What was the last book you read?

The biggest problem facing the state of Alaska is _______

Describe three ways you think the state should try to grow and diversify Alaska’s economy.

Unemployment in rural and off-the-road Alaska is a major issue. What are your ideas for growing a sustainable economy in areas of Alaska that are inaccessible by road?

What’s one idea you have for improving Alaska’s schools?

The current University of Alaska budget is:

The state’s minimum public-school size of 10 students to receive state funding is:

Describe your vision of a long-term fiscal plan for Alaska.

Do you think that the state should make reductions next year from this year’s $3.86 billion agency budget?

The Legislature’s line-item operating budget for each agency program run by the state is here: If you think the state budget should be reduced, tell us which three line items you’d reduce most, and by how much. (Use specific line items from the budget)

What sources of revenue, if any, do you support using to balance the state budget for the next fiscal year?

What will you do differently from our current Legislature that will get a workable budget passed?

Would you vote to use Permanent Fund earnings to balance the state budget?

If yes, what is the proper proportion between using fund earnings for state revenue vs. using fund earnings for dividends?

Taxation on oil and gas production in Alaska is:

What is your position on oil tax credits?

Taxation on other Alaska natural resource industries, like mining and commercial fishing, is:

Taxation on individual citizens in Alaska is:

What should state government do to reduce high rates of sexual assault and domestic violence in Alaska?

The number of Alaska State Troopers and Village Public Safety Officers is:

If you answered less than necessary or about right to the above question, how would you pay for additions or for keeping the status quo?

What is your position on abortion?

Do you anticipate advocating any legislation, policies or budget proposals that would change the status quo regarding abortion in Alaska? If so, what?

Do you believe that humans have played a role in climate change or global warming?

If yes, what’s humanity’s role in causing it? If not, why is Alaska warming?

What measures should the state take to respond to climate change?

Are there specific wildlife and fisheries management concerns that you intend to focus on as a legislator?

Who are you voting for in the presidential election? In one sentence, why?

What are you going to do about health care costs in Alaska?

How do you get your health insurance and what’s your monthly premium?

Should the state provide additional resources to help Alaskans with substance-abuse problems? If yes, what specifically?

Would you vote for legislation repealing, in whole or in part, the citizens initiative that legalized marijuana sales and consumption in 2014?

Does the Legislature’s current organization of majority/minority caucuses work? Is there another way the Legislature could organize itself?

Should the law allow a lobbyist to buy you dinner if you are elected?


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November 5, 2016:  Alaska Dispatch News, Where’s the beef?

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