Parnell – National Guard Sex Scandal, continued.

Will Alaska Republican Women’s groups be exploited and used as damage control in Parnell’s re-election strategy?

Tonight’s ten o’clock news will again televise Parnell’s signing of SB138 with all it’s fanfare; either a historic event, or a pre-election event, depending on your view.

The dark cloud of his neglect in this National Guard sex scandal didn’t seem to exist in the earlier news broadcasts and I’m shocked.  It made me feel very sad somehow to see many prominent Alaskans standing around him; clapping and smiling, especially prominent female Alaskans.

Where is the outrage?  Where is the support for the victimized Guard?  Where are the marchers from every Choose Respect rally?  Where is the rally for answers?  For me, the dark cloud of his failure to protect these Guard removed any celebration from this event.

What will he do next to get elected?  Use every willing women’s group to stand up for him?  If women say he is great, then it must be true, right?

What a dirty job, but I have no doubt, someone will do it.  Sad.


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