Permission to speak on “Plain as the Nose On Your Face”

This is what I want to hear someone (with great courage) say on the floor in the State House of Representatives.

“Permission to speak on Plain as the nose on your face Mr. Speaker.  Thank you Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Speaker, to use a twist on an old idiom, our budget problems are as plain as the noses on our faces.

First, we must acknowledge that most of us here, along with the former governor, are responsible for the size and unsustainable budget of state government.  We must pick up where we left off under SB21 and work with the industry to adjust the state’s oil tax revenues.  As a responsible Body, Mr. Speaker, we must do no harm to Alaskans.  To that end, we must more gradually reduce the size and spending of state government.

It is painfully obvious.  We cannot cut our way through a 3.5+ billion dollar deficit.  Heroic efforts have been made by this Governor and this Body, but we all know cuts alone won’t work.  Cuts to public safety like closing State Trooper stations and closing rural university campuses retard community development.  Cuts like these squelch one’s sense of security and sense of opportunity.  And, broken promises to school districts across the state defeat us all.  These are unacceptable choices Mr. Speaker.  As representatives of the people, we are obligated to try harder, do better, and we can.

State leadership must reach out to the Oil Industry, an Industry that has made billions from the sale of Alaska’s natural resources.  Oil industry leaders must be approached to do what is necessary to meet us half way in this time of fiscal crisis.

Given that the Industry stands to make billions more leads me to expect their cooperation.  I urge the leadership of this Body to take action.  Work with the Governor and urge the Industry to step up to the plate.  We must solve the revenue side of our budget dilemma.

This truth has been said by many – we cannot cut our way to a balanced budget, Mr. Speaker.  To that I say, that is as plain as the nose on your face.

Thank you Mr. Speaker.”

Someone with great courage, please stand up and say these things; others with great courage, please support new leadership in the House.10313974_291490021015562_5618556076462250486_a


LeadDog Alaska

Plain as the nose on your face.  c; 2015

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One Response to Permission to speak on “Plain as the Nose On Your Face”

  1. Susan Edwards says:

    “Someone with great courage” Not in this legislature. Venality, stupidity, grandstanding, and water carrying for them that pays the price, but no courage. The pity is, the pain caused by these do-nothings, isn’t going to be born by the people that elected them. The Mat-Su and Anchorage will weather the storm, though not without copious crocodile tears, but it will be rural Alaskans that again take the brunt.

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