Pick A Team – It’s Time

Not sure of your vote in Alaska’s upcoming Governor’s race?  We cannot let the 2014 election slip away or be overshadowed by the federal senate race like the 2010 election.  It is a critical election for the future of our state.

Before I look at the candidate, I have to decide which issues and what kind of leadership qualities are most important to me this election year.  Only then can I look for the candidate whose skills and priorities are best aligned with what I want in a governor.  I look at the campaign months, from now until November, like a long, drawn out, job interview.

Alaskans are fortunate because we have excellent access to the candidate’s record.  We may, and often do, know the candidates personally.  In that case, choosing isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems.  However, it is still a process if one votes for the candidate, and not the party – like I do.

Right now we have three main candidates:  Governor Sean Parnell-Republican, Byron Mallott-Democrat, and Bill Walker-Independent.  These candidates will all be in the general election assuming no extraordinary events.  Because these three will all be in the general election in November, it leaves the primary fairly irrelevant in this regard.  So, the race is on, right now, big time.

It is never too early to start looking at each candidate and learning as much as possible about each one before stepping into the voting booth.  So much information is at our fingertips.  Each candidate has a website, newspapers articles are plentiful, and there will be a debate or two on television.  One may get a chance to meet a candidate in person at a fundraiser or Meet n Greet.  And, of course, we have our family, friends, and others to talk to.  Alaska is such a small state.

All the candidates’ websites host their achievements, past public service, employment history, and their stand on a number of issues.   I try to glean as much as I can from all these resources.  Anyone can Google their name and it’s all right there.

Beyond the resume’, I try to get a sense of the candidate’s character and leadership qualities.  This is much harder than reviewing his list of achievements or employment history.   Which candidate has demonstrated the leadership skills I want in a governor?

I ask myself, what has he said and/or done to demonstrate he is smart, trustworthy, courageous, and puts others before himself?

Will he put Alaskans first in every instance?  Who are his friends and advisors?  Who are his biggest financial contributors?  Most importantly, do his past acts show he has a sense of right from wrong?  These three candidates all have public information available that help me discern these qualities to a great degree; information available to everyone.  It takes very little effort to find, if you have web access and a computer.

It’s a tall order, but it’s a big job.  We dare not settle.  We cannot let this most important race slip under the radar.  Inform yourself, get involved, get out the vote and pick a team – it’s time.

Leadership Alaskans, we NEED some!

LeadDog Alaska

Pick a Team©April 8, 2014


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