Post-Primary Blues

The primary is just a few days away.  What in the world will we talk about when the oil-tax debate is finally, FINALLY, over?  My thoughts turn to the general election; specifically the governor’s race.10313974_291490021015562_5618556076462250486_a

The gubernatorial candidates running in the general election for governor will likely be Democrat Byron Mallott, Republican Sean Parnell (incumbent), and Independent Bill Walker.  This begs the question, “How will the candidate deal with the results of the Prop 1, repeal of SB21, should they become governor?”

If the “Vote No” camp wins, I predict Governor-elect Parnell will act as though it never happened.  I predict he will ignore the thousands of Alaskans that signed the petition to Repeal SB21.  What a sad characterization.  If the “Vote Yes” camp wins, he will have no choice but to begrudgingly deal with a rewrite of oil-tax legislation.

I offer examples of Governor Sean Parnell’s past actions to substantiate my prediction.  He tried to exclude the public  in legislation such as in HB77,  he has a “no show” reputation for public debates, and lastly, his silence on the sex offense allegations within the National Guard.

Postings on Mallott’s and Walker’s official websites, and from the debates to date, lead me to believe these men are inclusive, intelligent, very capable, and of good character.  Quite a contrast to incumbent governor Sean Parnell.

We need a smarter governor and we have great choices.  Vote Alaskans, vote.


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