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July 15, 2016

It is a disgrace that the uber powerful Senate Finance committee chose to hold meetings in Anchorage, July 13th, away from the cameras of Gavel Alaska, in its multimillion dollar LIO/Taj MaHawker.  The frosting on the cake is its work product: an unintelligible public recording that is, at best, garbled/incompetent; and, at worst, scrambled/deliberate.  Neither scenario is good.

It has been said all that was missing from the bad old days was the presence of oil lobbyists passing notes to the lawmakers on how to vote. Alaskans deserve much better.

Garbled audio, as posted, from the Legislative website:  Senate Finance July 13, 2016

Courtesy from LeadDog, clear audio, now working with most devices, is provided below:

July 13, 2016, 1:30pm, Senate Finance

Discussion: SB5005, HB5005, Short Title, Tax; Credits; Payments; Interest; Lease; Oil & Gas

Committee Members:

Senator Anna MacKinnon, Co-chair. In attendance; MacKinnon represents District G (Fort Rich/Eagle River/Chugach).

Senator Pete Kelly, Co-chair.  In attendance; Kelly represents District A (Fairbanks/Wainwright).

Senator Donny Olson.  In attendance; Olson represents District T (Bering Straits/ Yukon Delta/ Arctic).

Senator Mike Dunleavy. In attendance; Dunleavy represents District E (Richardson Hwy/East Mat-su/Rural Mat-Su).

Senator Lyman Hoffman.  In attendance; Hoffman represents District S (Bristol Bay/Aleutians/Kuskokwim).

Senator Clark (Click) Bishop.  Not even in attendance, called in by phone; Bishop represents District C (Chena Ridge/Airport/Eilson/Denali/Upper Yukon/Border Region).

Senator Pete Miccichi. Not even in attendance, call in by phone;  Miccichi represents District O (Kenai/Soldotna).

Important note:  State subject matter experts made available to the Senate Committee included, from the Department of Revenue: Commissioner Randy Hoffbeck, Master Auditor Jenny Rogers, and Director of Tax Division Ken Alper.



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  1. John McDowell says:

    your vote matters. They have told us, and demonstrated ove r and over they cannot make the tough decisions and would rather spend savings and run the state further into deficit. Please vote. You can register online in Alaska now.
    Thanks Tara for showing even more of their incompetence and inattention to detail informing the public of their actions. It also showed in their lack of ability to debate openly and address a fiscal fix as the Governor has asked ..and pleaded (without depleting our vital savings instead!) But they will say they “tried to save your dividend”,..but they could not muster the votes to override the Governor, so it`s “not their fault”.

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