Speaker Boehner and Senator McGuire in the same month? BAM!

What’s happening with the resignations of two established politicians?  What does it signal to the silent majority, over taxed middle class, and the tired-of-the-status-quo voters?  Kaboom

I feel the gentle breeze of change in the air.  I want it to become a howling tornado here in Alaska.

I see an opportunity for each of us to make a difference in the next election.  We have a chance to turn the tide on the establishment and make life better for most of us who are just trying to live our lives; go to our jobs, raise our kids, pay our bills, and support our families.

We have a chance to replace self serving politicians with public servants.  Just the hope of this change is exciting.

If you are like me, and tired of the status quo, we must:

  • Support good people to run for public office.
  • Get the 50% of non voting Alaskans to vote.
  • Demand many more public debates.

Election 2016 is happening my friends; it is not too soon to get involved.  Hope prevails in LeadDog’s camp!  Please consider helping how you can.  It is the long game that will win.

Always the optimist,

LeadDog Alaska/cc / Sept. 2015

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