Walker/Mallott Transition

Governor-Elect Nov 14_2014I am an ardent Walker/Mallott volunteer who has for a long time enjoyed Alaska’s political scene.  So, I must admit bias in my posts regarding our new Governor Bill Walker and Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott; however, even I cannot believe how I amazed I have been by Governor Walker’s actions since he won the election.

Shown left to right, Bill Walker and Byron Mallott, that’s me – in front.

Throughout the campaign I had gotten to know Candidate Bill Walker as a man of his word; old school, Alaska style. This is a terribly rare quality anymore, but seeing that quality in action is just a beautiful thing.  The whole nation should be watching and taking notes of how we roll in Alaska!

Action 1. The Transition Teams: The election had been called, incumbent Governor Parnell had conceded, and Walker started thinking about the transition of power. I have seen more than one transition over my 20 some years with the state, but never one like this. We are talking about transparency, diversity, inclusiveness, and thinking out-of-the-box in spades with this Administration.  The Dream Team; Governor Walker and his senior adviser Lieutenant Governor Mallott, have renewed hope for the state’s future says this victory for the Unity Ticket.10321797_10204493470391263_7647164226646529132_o

First, there were co-chairs; Ana Hoffman, an Alaska Native professional women from rural Alaska (Bethel), and Rick Halford, a Caucasian man and esteemed former State Senator. The picture in the press release announcing the co-chairs almost made me cry; I couldn’t believe the breadth of diversity.

Secondly, there was the inclusiveness of Alaskans from all across the state; men and women of different backgrounds, professions, ages, and colors. And, the public was invited! During the breaks all there were able to mix and mingle; often with other Alaskans they may never have met. Bill Walker and Byron Mallott attended everyday; they were early and stayed late; they talked to anyone who wanted to talk to them; they were fully engaged. The energy was inspiring. I feel so fortunate to have participated because there was a healthy dose of magic dust sprinkled in the air throughout these rooms!  It was moving.

Finally, there was the process. We were grouped into subject matter rather than by state department as in past years. Strange, I thought. I was a skeptic. It was a learning moment for me. My team had 17 members; only one of which I had met and worked with in years past. It was such a diverse group and it was a great experience. We had an excellent and professional team leader who kept us right on track (cracked the whip!). His job had to be a tough one; like hurting cats or nailing down jello. Flip chart pages were flying through the air, but he got it done.

Transcription of flip charts and notes is happening now, and final reports will be finished soon. And, in true Walker style, they will be available to the general public.

Kudo’s to the Walker Team, Co-chairs Hoffman and Halford, team facilitators, and participants. I”ve never seen anything like it.

Feel free to share the good news; we are in good hands here in Alaska.  Other states, take notice:)

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